Inferno Digital

Welcome to ID!

ID (Inferno Digital) is the brand created by Robbie C. to promote his projects and collaborations!
ID promotes projects across many major media outlets, including Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, and more, showcasing virtual reality and how the intricacies of interaction lead to an explosion of animated potential!
Interested in learning more? Click on the image above to head to my Behance and find out what I’m up to!

Watch a recent video from my Youtube Channel here. This one is about my journey to spot number 1 in Fruit Ninja VR!


One of my biggest projects has been the Star Wars Mod Collection for Robo Recall! I’ve converted a ton of Star Wars assets into weapon and player mods for the game, including lightsabers, laser rifles, and even Clone Trooper hands! Check it out by clicking the link above!

Interested in what I do? 

Call me at 765-405-7007 and let’s talk!