This project details the progress I make using rigs to animate inside of Maya. While starting with a few references to The Pose Project, it will continue on to include a walk cycle and a run cycle.


The Pose Project was one of my most favorite CGT projects yet. Wanting to be an animator means I need to learn how a very complex animation rig works, and learning it during this assignment was super important and fun to me. You can see the final pose from that project and a link to that project above.

The Run Cycle Project​​​​​​​

The Run Cycle Project actually began earlier in the year with the Walk Cycle Project, the second rigged animation project we completed in Jason’s animation class. It required us to take a fully rigged demo model and animate him walking as realistically as possible.


The animation required five major poses, 1 and 5 being identical contact poses, 2 and 4 being in-between poses, and 3 being a passing pose (where one leg was as high and as bent as it would get). This required movement of bones throughout the entire body, especially the legs and spine. It was a learning experience for me because Jason showed us just how complicated a walk cycle actually is and how many steps it takes to create even the most simplistic looking walk cycle. We also learned more about looping an animation, as the first and last frames were the same, meaning we had to trim off a frame when exporting to avoid jittering.
See the full animation below!

After the walk cycle animation, it was off to the races. Literally! A run cycle was next! These proved to be a lot more challenging than a simple walk cycle, as I not only had to take basic gravity from walking into account, but also jumping and falling gravity, as the avatar does a hop mid run that looks very cartoony. It reminds me off those slow mo runs that cartoons do after an explosion or as a cake is falling to the floor.

I also wanted to challenge myself a bit with this one, so I went ahead and with the first run cycle animated his face as well, making him open or close his mouth and change his eyes and eyebrows’ positions based on where he is in the loop. Check it out below, or in the gif at the top!