Personal Statement

I’ve been interested in computer animation since the very first computer I owned. Back when I was little I would spend hours on my old, slow computer drawing things in microsoft paint (because 6 year old me thought mspaint was the bomb). It continued into middle and high school, where my passion for drawing led me to want to see my creations come to life. That finally happened when I joined a robotic’s club in town and became their animation mentor, and for the first time, I created models of characters that moved, made sounds, and felt more alive than I’d ever thought I’d see. It was then that I knew I wanted to be an animator.


Not to say i haven’t had my ups and downs getting to where I am today. Getting through college and getting out with the degree I want has been something I’ve pondered over many times. I joined college as a computer science major, but quickly realized I wanted more of the artistic side of animation and less of the hard-boiled, codey side. That led me to try and apply for a dual-course major at that university (essentially where you take two courses of study, smash them together and make a new major) but the program shut down before I could even get started. That’s when I moved to my current animation school, and it’s been the best two years of my creative career!


Being in an art-centric school has done wonders for me and my works. Being able to spend time on my art style, learning how animation programs work and getting wisdom for the field from some incredible professors who have worked in the Animation field for ages has been one of the most influential things I could ever ask for. My works now look better than ever because of them. I can’t wait to see where I go next, and I’d be excited to go there with everyone, including you, reader!